Quickreport 5

Delphi дээр хамгийн анх Quickreport дээр тайлан бэлдэж сурж байлаа. Тэр үед 3.0 хувилбар нь байсан. Одоо тавдугаар хувилбар гарсан юм байна. Үүнд нилээд олон шинжүүд нэмэгдсэн ба хамгийн гол нь Unicode дэмждэг болсон нь сайшаалтай.

Quickreport 5 is compatible with QR4 report designs, and existing applications will run without changes. Most of the visible changes affect previewing and exporting reports, with a few new options for band behaviour. Several new controls are introduced, including three that support double-byte characters(Unicode).

Quickreport 5 Pro costs £199 (plus VAT in the EU). Registered version 4 Pro users can upgrade for £50 (plus VAT in the EU).

Invisible changes
Include more defensive handling of network printers, and less interaction with printers and miscellaneous memory leak and logic fixes.

Visible changes

  • Events to control and customise standard preview.
  • Allow printing straight from the printer-setup button
  • Option to set the default extension in preview. For instance PDF instead of QRP.
  • Copy to clipboard' button on standard preview form.
  • New property for printables - 'ExportAs' = ( etNumeric, etText, etFormula, etLabel ) for XL.
  • It is possible to limit the number of pages in the preview, and a 'Cancel' button is added to the standard preview.
  • Background colour for report.
  • Childbands can print before, after or before and after their parent

Alternative report viewer
Based on XML format, the new previewer has better rendering and search facilites, and supports drill-down and mouse events.

New controls

  • Sub-report control, displays a report within a report.
  • Wild band. Print anytime you want.
  • Controls with double-byte support, QRMBLabel, QRMBMemo and QRMBDbText.
  • FrameLines control - extends vertical lines over page breaks.
  • TQRShape has 2 new shapes, left and right diagonal lines.

Quickreport 5 Currently supported IDEs

  • Delphi 5, 6, 7, 2006 Win32, 2007 Win32
  • C++ Builder 5, 6, 2006, 2007

QRDesign Currently supported IDEs

  • For QR5 - Delphi 7, 2006 Win32, 2007 Win32
  • For QR4 - Delphi 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2006, 2007
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